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When each moment can be precious.

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M.E. Founder Warriors 

 The club is free to join, and provides structured, LIVE, group support on three essential areas:

  1. Business Improvement: Learn 8 strategic steps to elevate your business performance.
  2. Personal Growth: Gain insights into 8 empowering steps to enhance your skills and mindset as a founder.
  3. Life Experience: Discover 8 practical steps to improve your overall life satisfaction and well-being.

Achieve the wealth trifecta everyday, by investing in your business, yourself, and your life. Join or leave flexibly as needed.

8 Structured Steps for Business Growth

People, positioning, profits, processes, reviews and more

8 structured Steps for Founder Growth

Empowering Founders, Elevating Futures

8 Structured Steps for Life Experience

Being in business is about living life more. Every moment.

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Money, Mind and More. A full program.

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Easy yet powerful. Proven results.

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Wall of Love 

John D, CEO - eCommerce SME UK

The Well@Work workshop provided invaluable tools for our e-commerce business. The return on investment is clear in increased productivity and reduced turnover. It's a must for entrepreneurs seeking sustainable success.

Emily H, Entrepreneur and Networker

The Mindly Wellbeing workshop was a revelation, reinvigorating my passion for my business and improving my overall quality of life. The return on investment is substantial, in terms of business growth and family happiness. It's an invaluable use of time and money.

David S, Creative Agency Founder

The Mindly Accelerator workshop was a turning point for my team, boosting our creativity and work quality. The return on investment is reflected in the outstanding work we produce and the increased business we attract. It's an investment that keeps on giving.

Maria R - SME Advocate

The Mindly Well@Work workshop is a game-changer, providing practical tools for managing stress and enhancing wellbeing. The return on investment for small business owners is evident in increased productivity, reduced burnout, and improved work quality. It's a crucial resource that every entrepreneur should invest in.

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Business Acceleration

Unlock your business's full potential with expert coaching. Gain personalized insights, strategic guidance, and actionable plans to overcome challenges, boost performance, and achieve your goals. Elevate your leadership, optimize operations, and drive sustainable growth. With the right coach, transform your vision into success.

Board & Founder Coaching

Accelerate. Balance. 3 wave proven system. Book a demo to start seeing practical benefits.

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Company Leadership

Half day and one day workshops on real-life leadership training (inspired by workshops in the French Army and other similar organisations)

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Money Mental Accelerator

Self-paced course with lifetime access of all our best content, techniques, case studies and money back guarantee. 

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Regional Events (Hybrid)

We do in-person and livecast / recorded events around the world. ‌It includes business networking too. Join us for the next one. 

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