My Mind & Emotions

Mindly helps you talk about topics you don't feel like talking. 

‌Yet, those talks and techniques can practically transform your emotional and mental wellbeing. 

‌Practical, daily techniques to manage your mind and emotions.

‌‌Made by founders and investors.  ‌Simple. Proven. Practical.

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"Navigating Emotional & Mental Wellness At Work"

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What Mindly UK do 

Mindly UK  share workshops and talking sessions for emotional and mental wellbeing.

We use techniques from psychology (CBT), entrepreneurship and philosophy to share practical tools that can be used daily to manage your emotional health and mental health. 

‌We offer emotional and mental well-being courses, talks and support to businesses with the focus on improving ROI through improving employee's health and wellbeing.

Our 'why'

Our Programs

We offer targeted and custom program for founders, leaders, investors, and their teams, online and in-person, individually and in groups. 

Free session 

Understand the basics of emotional regulation and mental health, how to spot, how to remedy, and how to seek help. 

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Ask Me Anonymously

Ask a question without revealing anything identifiable. Receive answers on our monthly live call. Past recordings available on our YT Channel (link below).

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Company programs

Signposting, detecting, talking and creating shared solutions connected with relevant KPIs: Companies of all sizes hire us for free and paid workshops, lunchtime talks, away-days, and as part of larger training events where we can come in for a slot. Employee support program is mentioned below.

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Employee Support

After first-aid trainings and other workshops, people still need support. 80% of issues are emotional before going to mental. 
‌Companies keep our link in their employee handbook so their members can talk confidentially with us.

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Mental Health in 90 min

This program started on huge demand by busy leaders, investors and founders who wanted everything in a short period of time. From the role of emotions, to practical techniques in psychology that can be used daily, we cover it all. 

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12 week Mindly Accelerator

This is our extensive program with lifetime access to all content and tools, and a group session done every week to answer your questions (with an option to remain anonymous). We have a very detailed week-by-week transformation plan available for you. 7-day money back guarantee so that you try everything, and see the whole program in case you want your money back! 

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Detecting mental health

Before it becomes so-called mental

Managing conversations

Words, conversations, support and smiles

Emotional Regulation

Practical ways to manage emotions everyday

Understand mental health at work

Why, how, when and what to do next 

Confidential talks

In a safe manner. Lifetime access to tools.

Repeatable, daily actions

Easy yet powerful

In-person workshop

One day. Safe. Happy.

Fast. Simple. 
‌The most elegant and functional trading app!

Return on Investment

User friendly means that for customer app is intuitive, easy to use, simple and that the customer can rely on the product.

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