Jeev Sahoo

Jeev is a seasoned business strategy advisor with a rich background spanning two decades in the automotive technology industry, with a primary focus on electric vehicles, impact projects and energy. 

At Prime Advantage Capital Partners, Jeev not only spearheads the Energy sector but also actively engages in projects at the intersection of mobility, impact and sustainability. His leadership extends to projects involving India, showcasing his commitment to fostering international collaboration. 

Spanning an extensive 20-year career across 10 countries in Europe and Asia, Jeev has held pivotal roles at renowned organizations such as Onto (involved in 200M+ raise, Fleet Asset Management), General Electric (Emission Reduction Product Development), Mercedes-Benz (Hybrid Electric Cars), Mitsubishi (Hybrid Trucks), TVS-Suzuki (New Product Development), Toyota Tsusho Holding (Intelligent Mobility & Electric Cars New Market Development), and Hertz (Portfolio Management for Europe C-level). 

His expertise lies in business strategy consulting, new business development, series-A fundraising, entrepreneur wellbeing, public speaking and executive coaching. 

Beyond his corporate roles, Jeev has been a trailblazer in supporting entrepreneurship. He is a pioneer volunteer and organizer of the HeadStart network in India, playing a crucial role in popularizing startup pitching events (Startup Saturday) across 23 cities. Additionally, he co-founded HEC Alumni Ventures (UK & FR), showcasing his dedication to nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystems. 

Recognizing the critical need for wellbeing initiatives among entrepreneurs and investors—an often overlooked and underserved area—Jeev has taken proactive steps through a free app developed by Mindly. These initiatives aim to address the mental health and overall wellbeing of those in the entrepreneurial and investment spheres, reflecting his commitment to holistic success. 

Jeev's involvement as an advisor, judge, and consultant with accelerators and incubators in the UK and India, including Mass Challenge, underscores his dedication to fostering innovation and growth within the startup community. 

An esteemed alumnus of HEC Paris (ranked 1 in Europe and top 10 globally), NIT Rourkela, and Harvard Entrepreneurship Online, Jeev has consistently contributed to the success of these institutions. His seven-year tenure on the Board of Three Cs, a learning disability and mental health charity, showcases his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the business realm. Additionally, Jeev has successfully run an EduTech franchise of Jam Coding, bringing technology education to schools (400 kids taught per week in 2023). In summary, Jeev's multifaceted expertise, international leadership, and commitment to wellbeing initiatives for entrepreneurs and investors highlight his role as a dynamic and socially conscious business strategist in the ever-evolving landscape of automotive technology and sustainability.